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Mindful Martial Arts Sparring Tournament Continues To Grow, Nearly Doubles Participants

CEDAR CITY, Utah. Mindful Martial Arts held its second Sparring Tournament at the Spirit Wellness Club on Saturday, May 20 as the total participation nearly doubled from the inaugural event a month ago. This time, Mindful had six separate divisions as opposed to the three a month ago in a first-to-seven competition. Today’s tournament featured 20 competitors, up from the 13 in the original event a month ago.

“We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to put together these sparring tournaments,” Mindful Martial Arts owner Michael Hoag said. “After our first tournament a month ago, we are excited to see it double in divisions and nearly double in competitors. We will continue to work on growing this tournament to the point where we can invite other schools to participate.”

Benjiman Marsteller, a 12-year-old second-degree blue belt, claimed gold in the advanced 10-and-over division, while Wesley Daily, an 11-year-old orange belt snared his second gold medal as he competed unopposed in the intermediate 10-and-over division. Hana Scott, a 12-year-old white belt, rounded out the 10-and-over medallists with gold in the beginner division.

Mary Chaudhry, a nine-year-old yellow belt, improved from bronze in the first tournament to snag gold in the nine-year-old advanced division, while Landon Stucki, a nine-year-old green belt, earned his first medal with gold in the beginner’s division.

Asher Roberts, an eight-year-old white belt, garnered gold in the eight-and-under division.

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Beginner Division - 8-

Match 1

Olivia Paioletti 7, Morgan Stucki 5

Match 2

Asher Roberts 7, Rhett Stucki 4

Match 3

Braxton Lebaron 7, Dylan Iller 2

Match 4

Asher Roberts 7, Dylan Iller 2

Match 5

Morgan Stucki 7, Braxton Lebaron 5

Match 6

Olivia Paioletti 7, Rhett Stucki 4

Match 7

Asher Roberts 8, Olivia Lebaron 5


Gold - Asher Roberts

Silver - Olivia Paioletti

Bronze - Morgan Stucki

Beginner - 9

Match 1

Grant Stucki 7, Dash Bentley 5

Match 2

Landon Stucki 7, Zoey Hobbs 6

Match 3

Zoey Hobbs 7, Grant Stucki 6

Match 4

Landon Stucki 7, Dash Bentley 6


Gold - Landon Stucki

Silver - Zoey Hobbs

Bronze - Grant Stucki

Advanced - 9

Match 1

Mary Chaudhry 7, Gabriella Paioletti 3

Match 2

Mary Chaudhry 7, Fiona Eckman 5

Match 3

Fiona Eckman 7, Gabriella Paioletti 6


Gold - Mary Chaudhry

Silver - Fiona Eckman

Bronze - Gabriella Paioletti

Beginners - 10+

Match 1

Hana Scott 7, Randy Iller 2


Gold - Hana Scott

Silver - Randy Iller

Intermediate 10+



Gold - Wesley Daily

Advanced - 10+

Match 1

Benjiman Marsteller 7, Bradley Greenlee 2

Match 2

Benjiman Marsteller 7, Avril Flores 6

Match 3

Bradley Greenlee 7, Luke Hobbs 6


Gold - Benjiman Marsteller

Silver - Bradley Greenlee

Bronze - Avril Flores/Luke Hobbs


Name, Age, Belt

Dash Bentley, 8, Green

Mary Chaudhry, 9, Yellow

Welsey Daily, 11, Orange

Fiona Eckman, 9, Orange

Avril Flores, 10, Green

Bradley Greenlee, 10, Green

Luke Hobbs, 10, Green

Zoey Hobbs, 9, Green

Dylan Iller, 7, White

Randy Iller, 10, White

Braxton Lebaron, 9 White

Benjiman Marsteller, 12, 2nd Blue

Gabriella Paioletti, 9, Yellow

Olivia Paioletti, 7 Yellow

Asher Roberts, 8, White

Hana Scott, 12, White

Grant Stucki, 9, Green

Landon Stucki, 9, Green

Morgan Stucki, 7, Orange

Rhett Stucki, 5, White

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