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Competitive Clashes Highlight Mindful Martial Arts Inaugural Sparring Tournament

CEDAR CITY, Utah. Mindful Martial Arts hosted the Inaugural Sparring Tournament at the Spirit Wellness Club on Saturday, April 22 with a packed house of parents and coaches. Mindful honored a trio of gold medalists across three separate divisions in a first-to-seven competition.

“Our inaugural sparring tournament was a tremendous success,” Mindful Martial Arts owner Michael Hoag said. “We hope to have more people during our next tournament. We’d really like to work towards inviting other schools to participate and build this event towards hosting it at a bigger facility.”

Wesley Daily, an 11-year-old orange belt, captured gold in the advanced division, while Fiona Eckman, a 10-year-old orange belt, picked up top honors in the 9-10 age division. Bridger Jacobson, a seven-year-old yellow belt, also won the 7-8 age division.

Daily claimed his gold medal with a 7-5 triumph against white belt Frank Maldanado. Eckman, meanwhile, demonstrated a lot of poise in a highly-competitive division with a 7-2 victory against second-degree green belt Grant Stucki. Jacobson went 2-0 in the three-person 7-8 age division.

Hoag elected to put together a tournament following the cancelation of Karate at the Utah Summer Games due to facility upgrades occurring at Canyon View High School this summer.

7-8 Year Old Division


Match 1

Bridger Jacobson 7, Morgan Stucki 2

Match 2

Bridger Jacobson 7, Asher Roberts 1

Match 3

Asher Roberts 7, Morgan Stucki 5


Gold - Bridger Jacobson

Silver - Asher Roberts

Bronze - Morgan Stucki

9-10 Year Old Division


Match 1

Grant Stucki 7, Landon Stucki 3

Match 2

Fiona Eckman 7, Landon Stucki 1

Match 3

Fiona Eckman 7, Mary Chaudhry 6

Match 4

Edwin Coreia 7, Grant Stucki 6

Match 5

Grant Stucki 7, Mary Chaudhry 6

Match 6

Mary Chaudhry 7, Landon Stucki 2

Match 7

Fiona Eckman 7, Edwin Coreia 6

Match 8

Fiona Eckman 7, Grant Stucki 2


Gold - Fiona Eckman

Silver - Grant Stucki

Bronze - Mary Chaudhry

Advanced Division


Match 1

Avril Flores 7, Benjiman Marsteller 6

Match 2

Bradley Greenlee 7, Frank Maldanado 5

Match 3

Wesley Daily 7, Bradley Greenlee 3

Match 4

Frank Maldanado 7, Benjiman Marsteller 6

Match 5

Wesley Daily 7, Avril Flores 5

Match 6

Wesley Daily 7, Frank Maldanado 5


Gold - Wesley Daily

Silver - Frank Maldanado

Bronze - Bradley Greenlee


Name, Belt, Age

Mary Chaudhry, Yellow, 9

Edwin Coreia, White, 10

Wesley Daily, Orange, 11

Fiona Eckman, Orange, 9

Avril Flores, 2nd Degree Blue, 10

Bradley Greenlee, Green, 10

Bridger Jacobson, Yellow, 7

Frank Maldanado, White, 11

Benjiman Marsteller, 2nd Degree Blue, 12

Asher Roberts, White, 8

Grant Stucki, 2nd Degree Green, 9

Landon Stucki, Green, 9

Morgan Stucki, Orange, 7

Photo Gallery

Facebook Live Streams

7-8 Age Division:

9-10 Age Division:

Advanced Division:

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